- Machine body made of sturdy electro-welded tubular carpentry
- Manual loading and unloading
- Incoming idle roller length: 4 m
- Outcoming idle roller length: 4 m
- Electrical system in watertight box for automatic and manual working cycles control
- Max. adhesive film rolls Ø: 400 mm
- Max. coil width: 2000 mm
- Panel translation fixed speed: 1500 mm
- Length: from 2000 to 4000 mm
- Power: 380 V – 50 Hz
- Max. air pressure: 6 bar

The packaging line for metal sheets or plates stretches protective or adhesive film on the upper front of panels made of metal, wood or other materials with a uniform surface. Loading and unloading processes are manual.

The line consists of a 4 m long double incoming idle roller conveyor with a plate alignment bar. The outcoming idle roller conveyor is 4 m long too.

The machine’s body is made of a sturdy electro-welded tubular carpentry and consists of two rubber rollers (a driving roller and a pressure roller); a film alignment roller; two coil holder shafts with centering cones; two brake groups for adhesive film tension adjustment; two film coil centerings; two access doors with safety limit switch and a (manual) for film cutting double stop device and for plate’s end.

The electrical system, placed on the machine’s side, is set in a watertight box for the manual and automatic working cycles commands with a 380V three-phase industrial plug.

A metallic net cage protects the central body of the machine, preventing the operator from approaching the working area during the working cycle, but allowing its monitoring. For the processing, the machine must be loaded with adhesive film coils not having a bigger diameter than 400 mm and a width adequate to the surface it has to protect and not larger than 2000 mm. One coil is used during the working cycle, while the other one is for supply.

The following table summarizes the most important machine data:

Panels (fixed) translation speed = 22 m/1’
Max. plate width = 1500 mm
Length = da 2000 a 4000 mm
Max. coil diameter = 400 mm
Air pressure = 6 bar
Power = 380 V

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