MOD. TS 1500 5M 4A

We produce step tables with up to 11 heads and 12 independent spindles, vertical and horizontal.

Each polishing head is equipped with motorized advancement and ascent / descent slides. These slide on cast iron blocks equipped with gibs with registration of the degree of wear, which allow a constant rigidity over time.

There is also a transversal centering slide with manual control by means of a trapezoidal screw.

  • Spindle with protection cap for disc pack Ø 400 x 150
  • Suction mouth Ø 150 arranged on both sides of the hood
  • Standard or electrically oscillating brush spindle


  • Solid paste dispenser to be mounted usually on the last brush in place of the liquid paste gun for a brighter finish.

  • High pressure guns for dispensing liquid paste, including pressurized air solenoid valves for opening control.

  • Workpiece holder to be fixed on the base socket of the table spindles, suitable to accommodate the wood containing the shape of the pieces.

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