- Sturdy metal frame base
- Rubberized non-slip conveyor belt width 310 mm
- Adjustable speed: from 5 to 20 m/1’ by inverter
- Nr. 4, 6 o 8 independent grinding heads
- Spindles with protruding shaft Ø: 50 mm
- Rubber wheels Ø: 150 mm x 310 mm
- 7,5 Kw electric motors
- Pneumatic tensioning belt group
- Belt width: fino a 300 mm
- Belt length: 2500 mm
- Eccentric oscillation electromechanical system for uniform wearing
- Nr. 2 wheeled sprung pressure rollers with a minimum 200 mm center distance for each belt
- Nr. 2 refrigerant liquid dispensing pipes with removable end section for each belt
- Heads protective housing assembly with openable doors and transparent windows
- Pneumatic system with FRL and manual valve for belt tension and unlocking
- Safety limit switches assembly on the first grinding belt
- Tank for water collection and filtering
- Electrical system complete with buttons, digital displays and ammeters

The SPM300 wet grinding machine for flat surfaces is made of a sturdy metal frame, on which are assembled a rubberized non-slip conveyor belt with a grooved drawing wheel and an idler wheel for belt’s centering. The conveyor belt is fixed on a rigid structure and allows a variable speed from 5 to 20 m/1’ by inverter. Within the base, below the conveyor belt, there are a water collection tank and its conveyance to the filtering tank. A strut-structured frame supports the grinding heads and the belt tightener.

Each of the independent grinding heads is composed of a strong spindle with a Ø 50mm protruding shaft and keyed on it there is a Ø 150mm rubber work wheel driven by a 7.5 Kw electric motor with adjustable speed by inverter. Each head can move vertically to fit to the different profile heights. An inverter controls that the small shifts speed be very low (5” per second) and increases up to 40mm/1’ for larger shifts.

A pneumatic tension belt-tightener assembly for belts with a 300mm maximum width and a 2500mm maximum length is placed in each head, along with a comfortable manual centering placed to the operator’s side. In addition, each belt can swing through an eccentric electromechanical system. This system allows a belt’s higher performance and a uniform wearing.
On each head, two sprung rubber pressure rollers with a minimum center distance of 200mm press the profile on the conveyor belt, forcing it to proceed at a controlled speed. The two cooling liquid dispensing pipes have an easily detachable end section, as it can be opened on both sides and is equipped with dispensing nozzles.
The heads protective housing assembly too has openable doors and transparent windows in its lower part, on the tensioning belt side, to allow an easier belts replacement. On the machine’s back, where the motors are housed, there are as many gates for the overall protection and a more adequate maintenance.
SPM300 grinding machine includes a pneumatic system complete with FRL and an unlocking and belt tensioning manual valve. To avoid the conveyor belt’s load over the safety zone, there is also a safety limit switch assembly before the first grinding belt.
The grooved rubber contact wheels (Ø 150×310 mm with optional hardness) are assembled on the spindle shaft, while sprung pressure rollers are placed before and after each contact wheel.
A filtering roll with a pump placed within it, pushing the filtered water to the grinding belts, completes the water collection and filtering tank.
The electrical system is complete with control and emergency buttons, a potentiometer for carpet’s speed adjustment, in addition to motors absorption display ammeters and digital displays showing the position of each head.

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