SP100 – SP130 FLAT

- Sturdy metal frame base
- Rubberized non-slip conveyor belt width 100 or 140 mm
- Adjustable speed: from 2 to 10 m/1’ by inverter
- Nr. 2, 3 or 4 independent grinding heads
- Spindles with protruding shaft Ø: 25 mm
- Rubber wheels Ø: 250 mm x 100 or 130 mm
- 4 Kw (5.5Hp) spindles electric motors
- Pneumatic tensioning belt group
- Belt width: 100 o 130 mm
- Belt length: up to 3000 mm
- Eccentric oscillation electromechanical system for uniform wearing
- Nr. 2 wheeled sprung pressure rollers for each belt
- Heads protective housing assembly with openable doors
- Pneumatic system with FRL and manual valve for belt tension and unlocking
- Safety limit switches assembly on the first grinding belt
- Electrical system complete with buttons, digital displays and ammeters

The SP100 or SP130 dry grinding machine for flat surfaces is made of a sturdy metal frame with struts supporting the dovetail slides for vertical shift in their upper part. They are equipped with a gib and thrust screws for the complete clearance recovery over the years. The lifting and lowering shift is motorized and controlled by a switch on the electrical panel, but it is possible to adjust it manually too by a very fine positioning knob. Two small rotating regulations allow complete controlling on the parallelism between the working wheel and the conveyor belt.
The two spindles with 25×150 mm end diameter have 4 Kw (5.5Hp) independent motors. Each of them supports a pneumatic belt tightener with grinding belt manual centering and a protective housing for belts with 100 or 130 mm width and up to 3000 mm length, with a safety limit switch and a predisposed nozzle for the connection to a suction plant.
This grinding machine has a complete pneumatic system, two couples of rubberized and sprung pressure rollers for each head and a conveyor belt whose variable speed ranges from 2 to 10 m/1’ by vector inverter and asynchronous motor.
To prevent a possible accidental and unwanted intrusion of the operator’s hand, the safety limit switch assembly is placed before the first grinding belt.
The grooved rubber contact wheels diameter is 250 x 100 or 130 mm and their hardness is usually 50-60 Sh°.
The electrical system is complete with control and emergency buttons, a potentiometer for conveyor belt’s speed adjustment and motors absorption display ammeters.
Among the optional features for this machine, there are an inverter for grinding belt’s speed adjustment and a grinding belt oscillation assembly.

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