- Sturdy metal frame base with integrated electrical panel
- Contact wheel: Ø 250 mm
- Wheel width: 100 mm
- Band length: max. 3000-3500 mm
- Nr. 2 brush spindles on strong bearings
- Nr. 2 4 Hp three-phase asynchronous motors
- Adjustable speed: from 600 to 2800 rpm by inverter
- Nr. 2 digital panels for user interface
- Shaft end: Ø 25 mm
- Galvanized or painted protective housing
- Spindle ground clearance: 1.00 m standard - optional 0.70 m
- Width: 1,40 mt
- Approx weight (housing excluded): 420 kg

4+4 Hp manual double grinding machine has a strong metallic carpentry base with an integrated electrical panel housing two user interface panels. Each of them is composed of a potentiometer to set the brush speed rotation, a rotations number digital display, an emergency and a startup button.
The two brush spindles are assembled on strong bearings, with trapezoidal belts connecting them to the two independent 4Hp three-phase asynchronous motors.
The pneumatic belt tighteners allow a 3500mm maximum belt length, with the possibility to add a third wheel working on a free belt.
The two high-performance inverters allow an adjustment from 600 to 2800 rpm of the brush rotation speed.
The protection housings, which are optional but mandatory, are galvanized or painted. They are predisposed with a connection to a suction plant (the vent measures Ø120 mm) and with a dust recovery drawer.

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