TC 1600 – 24M – 4A MODEL

- Sturdy metal carpentry base
- Outer disc diameter: 1600 mm
- Nr. 24 standard workpiece spindles Ø 30x50 mm with key
- Nr. 4 polishing aggregates with brush spindle assembly and a 5.5 or 7.5 Hp independent motor
- Protective cover for discs with a 400 x 250 mm diameter
- Pneumatic system complete with FRL and paste management valves
- Liquid paste dispensing guns or solid paste dispenser
- Electrical system in a metal cabinet with ammeters, switches, potentiometers, buttons and displays
- Loading and unloading buttons panel on a movable platform
- Metallic net protection wall with access door monitored by a safety limit switch
- Pivoting net before the first brush with safety switch
- Power: 380 V – 50 Hz

- TC 1200 – 18M – 3A
- TC 2000 – 32M – 5A
- TC 2400 – 48M – 6A

The continuous rotary table model TC 1600 – 24M – 4A is a machine intended for polishing small size pieces by means of a continuous cycle.

The base is made of welded and carved sturdy metal supporting a large diameter toothed base bearing giving high rigidity to the structure and allowing a fluent disc rotation. The disc is made of electro-welded and machined metallic carpentry. Its outer diameter is 1.600 mm and it is equipped with a series of 24 flattened housings for as many workpiece holder spindles with a Ø 30×50 mm Cosmec standard end with key. The same machine can be equipped with up to 32 table spindles increasing productivity by 33%, if the pieces maximum diameter is 120mm.

By a hardened toothed pinion, a parallel axes geared motor unit allows the disc table to rotate at a variable speed by inverter. A second parallel axes geared motor unit puts in rotation the workpiece holder spindles by means of an inverter and of spliceable belts, allowing the recovery of tension loosened over time. A spring and a pulley assembly allows the spindles gradually coming to the loading station not to rotate, allowing loading and unloading operations.

Each of the four polishing aggregates consists of a base slide for the positioning and/or the radial motorized recovery, a sturdy vertical column with a prismatic section with a motorized sliding for the brush wearing vertical recovery and a brush spindles assembly with a 5.5 or 7.5 Hp independent motor, whose speed is controlled by a high-performance inverter. The spindle’s end is equipped with a 400 x 250 mm diameter disc pack’s protection housing, with its relative 150mm diameter nozzle, designed for connection to the suction plant.

The table has a complete pneumatic system with FRL and paste managing valves following a pause/dispensing time, as well as a liquid paste system made of two pipes with shutters and connecting rubber hoses. Such a system consists of four high-pressure guns dispensing liquid or solid paste, including driving air electro valves.

The electrical system is in a metal cabinet. On its front door are placed brush absorption display ammeters, reversing brush rotation selectors, 0-10 potentiometers for brush adjustment, brush on and off buttons, 2 set timers for the paste cycle setting, paste inclusion and exclusion selectors, hourly production display, key selector and control lights.

The loading and unloading panel is assembled on a pedestal that can be moved to the left or to the right of the operator. On the panel are placed the user work commands such as the head’s vertical and radial movement selectors for the brush wearing recovery, the additional manual paste dispensing buttons, spindle and table speed on/off buttons, warning lights and emergency buttons.

In the front loading area, the table includes a metallic net protection wall with a safety limit switch stopping the machine’s operations if accidentally opened. There is another pivoting network before the first brush, monitored by a safety limit switch preventing the load being too close to the brush, over the operator safety zone.

Among the optional features for this machine, there is a solid paste dispenser to be assembled on the last brush and replacing the liquid paste gun. A brush holder sleeve for discs with a 130mm hole, including flanges and locking ring nut, allows the pre-assembling of the brush on the sleeve and avoids using spacer discs. Another optional feature is a workpiece holder to be assembled on the table spindles’ base grip and suitable for 100x100x25 mm wooden pieces shape.

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