MOD. ST – 1 T

- Frame with vertical spindle equipped with a brake motor with inverter for working speed adjustment
- Nr. 2 brushless motors controlling cross slides movement
- Stroke: 400 mm vertically
300 mm horizontally
- Grinding coil belt tightener with automatic belt recovery
- Pneumatic system complete with FRL
- Safety net with light curtains for security loading
- Self-learning electrical system with cabinet and control keyboard with joystick
- Gripper with inserts

The self-learning glazing machine model SM-1T is made of a frame with vertical spindle equipped with a brake motor with an inverter for working speed adjustment. The spindle ends with a basic pad for workpiece holder or clamp securing.

A strut supports the two crossed slides with brushless motors movement. The slides have a 400 mm vertical stroke and a 300 mm horizontal stroke.

On the machine, a coil belt tightener model TT40 with automatic belt recovery is equipped with sprung and adjustable joint and carriage. The belt tightener is complete with a rubber buffer.

The pneumatic system is complete with FRL, with valves for the machine’s management, an ejector creating vacuum and a vacuum pressure exchange system predisposed for pneumatic gripper holding.

There are also a protective housing external to the workpiece holding spindle and a protective net around the machine with photoelectric barriers for safety loading.

The self-learning electrical system is comprehensive of a cabinet and a control keyboard with joystick for program simulation and its relative memorization.

A gripper with inserts holding for one of the customer’s items can be installed on the machine.

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