Coating unit
- Coating machine wrapping profiles with paper or polythene
- Sturdy electro-welded iron carpentry machine
- Machined rotating ring with nr. 2 coil holders
- Automatic centering aligning profiles at the entrance

Wrapping unit
- Fixed wrapping device for sealing profile ends with adhesive tape and paper or polythene automatic cutting
- Nr. 1 machined rotating ring carrying adhesive tape rolls
- Nr. 1 automatic adhesive tape cutting group
- Nr. 1 polythene guillotine cutting
- Electric cabinet equipped with a control panel for manual and automatic work cycles control
- Safety protections with metallic net carpentry with nr. 2 interlocking doors with electrically operated safety limit switch
- Power: 380 V – 50 Hz
- Max. air pressure: 6 bar


POLYTHENE: Ext. Ø 300 mm hole 50 and Height 100 - 120 mm
ADHESIVE TAPE: Ext. Ø 150 mm hole 75 and Height 25 mm

Round: Min/max Ø = 50 / 220 mm
Square: Min. 40x40 mm and Max. 220x220 mm
Length: Min. 3 meters

The coating and wrapping Vortex L2M machine wraps up, seals tube packages and is normally equipped with idle rollers at the entrance.

The machine body consists of a coating machine coiling profiles with paper or polythene. It made of a sturdy electro-welded iron carpentry, characterized by a machined rotating ring with two coil holders, an automatic centering, aligning profiles coming to the rotating ring and two protection doors with electrically operated interlocking safety limit switch.

Within the machine body, a wrapping unit automatically seals the profiles ends with adhesive tape and automatically cuts paper or polythene. The wrapping unit is made of a machined rotating ring carrying adhesive tape rolls, an adhesive tape automatic cutting assembly and a polythene guillotine cutting by toothed blade or hot wire. The machine is usually equipped with idle rollers in its end too.

The electrical and electronic system, designed for an optional addition of a loading and unloading device, is placed in a watertight-wired cabinet according to the IEC standards, with PLC controlling both manual and automatic working cycles.

An automatic packaging unloading device, consisting of three conveyor belts with a maximum length of three meters and a pneumatic vertical movement stepping translating the packages laterally, represents an optional.


The machine requires the presence of an operator depositing the tubes to be coated on special pallets in the loading area, pushing them towards the centering devices closure, joining up with the tube ends on the machine. The two tubes, joined together, advance and arrive to the heart of the machine:

  • The coating unit, where the protective material is applied, is equipped with two electronic speed variators, allowing overlap and advancing speed adjustments.
  • The wrapping unit, where the profile ends sealing takes place. When the two profiles’ junction point is located in the wrapping unit center, the profiles stop to allow the two ends’ sealing. After the adhesive tapes are applied, the protective film is guillotine-cut and the front tube is separated from the rear one to be deposed on the collecting slides.

A dedicated control panel controls the packaging line operation, providing by console all of the useful elements necessary to work in a simple and detailed way, providing also diagnostic reports on possible anomalous situations.

For processing, the machine needs two protective polythene coils and two adhesive tape rolls.

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