- Finely smoothed sturdy metal base with fastening rails for ball guides
- Separate heads machine with torque control and transition loading device, ideal for the processing of flat and curved surfaces
- Nr. 3 vertically sliding polishing heads
- Electric motor from 18.5 Kw to 30 Kw
- Torque control system for both heads
- Cart length: from 2,2 to 7,2 m
- Cart speed: from 3 m/1’ to 30 m/1’
- Cart oscillation adjustable speed
- Brushes: Ø500x1000
- Brushes rotation speed: from 450 rpm to 1.300 rpm
- Automatic lubrication system
- Electrical panel with touch screen panel
- Protective nets group with wide interlocking sliding door
- Power supply: 380 Volt – 50 Hz
- Nr. 3 liquid and/or solid paste dispensing systems
- Optional motorized central conveyor for suction system connection
- Upper transition loading device range: from 400 to 600 kg

3TE1000 polishing machine has a finely smoothed sturdy metal base with fastening rails for high precision ball guides and loading capacity and fastening for the polishing heads columns.

The translation cart for the parts to be polished measures up to 7.2 meters in length. It is driven by a toothed belt receiving motion from a reducer coupled with a brushless motor and it slides on rails fastened to the base from and to the brushes thanks to high rigidity ball sliding blocks. In this way, the wide speed range (from 3 m/1’ to 30 m/1’) allows to differentiate working from transfer speed easily and widely.
The oscillation cart is assembled on the translation cart. Two ball transverse guides and connecting rod system provide a 30 mm stroke oscillation and a variable speed that is adjustable by inverter and is excludable by an ON/OFF button.

The two columns, one of which is double, are fastened to two base overhangs and screwed on them are three rails couples for ball guides, where the three heads slide. High efficiency ball screws produce motion form a gear motor powered by a brushless motor. This ball driving system allows a high reliability, no wearing and a steady stiffness in time.
The three polishing heads slide vertically on the guides fixed to the columns. A strong spindle supporting the brush at one conical end is fixed within the head’s structure, transmitting rotating motion from an 18.5 Kw (up to 30 Kw) electric motor. A tailstock is fixed on the head’s front, supporting the brush at the opposite end. Within this tailstock, the axial sliding motion of the rotating shaft allows a rapid disassembling of the brush with its shaft and conical ends, without having to interfere with the bearings. Preassembled brushes’ dimensions are Ø500×1000 and they can rotate at an adjustable speed from 450 rpm to 1.300 rpm, thanks to a high-power inverter that, combined with specific braking resistors, allows a quick stopping and an inversion of brush rotation. The fasteners for liquid paste guns are positioned on the upper part of the head, where the brush is located and, at their sides, there are the attachment sleeves for connection with a suction plant.
On the machine there is also an automatic lubrication system for the ball guides of the translating and oscillating cart and of the heads’ vertical sliding.
Safety nets are placed on the front and lateral side of the machine, as generally the machine is installed in a corner of the working place. These protections are equipped with a large sliding door interlocking by a safety limit switch. The door is located in front of the heads to allow the replacement of brushes and paste, the adjustment of pistols and other activities in an easier way. On the machine’s side, there is a swing door for the access to the fence, also interlocking by a limit switch. In the loading-unloading area, a couple of photocells barriers monitor against intrusions during the work cycle.
An electric and electronic system finds place in a metal cabinet at the side of the machine, while in the operator zone, fixed on a rolling console, there is a panel with a touch screen for the programming of variable parameters. From this panel, it is possible to manage all of the working cycle’s settings, such as the cart speed during processing and unloaded travel, profile length setting, cart and brushes heads position turning points, brushes speed or rotation direction and abrasive paste dispensing time.
A torque control system for the heads allows the operator to set the pressure that the brush must exert on the pieces. The brushes maintain constant pressure, automatically raising or lowering to follow a curved profile. Such a system is therefore essential for the processing of curved surfaces, but it is particularly useful also when dealing with flat surfaces, because it automatically prevents brushes’ wearing and follows the profile’s surface in case it is not perfectly rigid and tends to flex.
This system, particularly appreciated, increases the production rate and very often allows a higher quality with less brushing steps to follow.
The supply voltage of the entire system is 380 Volt – 50 Hz.
Dispensing systems are among the many optional equipment offered by this machine. A liquid paste dispensing system includes a dispenser, pipes, guns support and three high-pressure guns for each head, while a solid paste dispensing system consists of a motorized cart with an EPS 02 paste dispenser for a 100mm abrasive paste. Dispensing is completely automatic during the machine cycle.
Optional equipment for this machine consists of a 600 Liters bin for liquid paste’s storage and its forwarding to the guns on the heads. An additional brushes shaft allowing the installation of another brush during machining is also very useful to remove a brush used for a specific processing and then set aside for later similar processing. A central conveyor between the heads for connection to the suction plant, equipped with a motorized slide for its vertical adjustment and controlled by a switch on the rolling console, has a partitioning function clearly separating the two heads.
We also offer an automatic loader of the maximum load capacity of 400 kg or 600 kg maximizing production by eliminating downtime due to the operator loading and unloading the profiles on and from the bench. This is a loading device with an upper transition allowing working with two benches (one is always processing while the other one is used to load and unload the profiles) and it includes:
Nr. 2 translating platforms size 1000×7200 in addition to the standard machine;
Nr. 4 motorized slides (two on each side) with workpiece holder platform gripping hooks;
Nr. 4 columns fastened to the machine’s base, on which the workpiece holder platforms vertically sliding guides are assembled;
Nr. 1 electrical panel integrated within the 3TE1000 machine, as well as the loading device management parameters integrated within the same panel of increased capacity data setup.

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